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Shree Tantra Yagya

Shree Tantra Yagya

Shree Tantra Yagya is the most powerful and effective process of the ancient vedic times. Also shree tantra yagya can be an ultimate weapon against any type of black magic or hypnosis worship.

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Shree means devi (Goddess) while word  “Tantra”  literally means a technique or a technology.

Shree Tantra Yagya is an inner technology. These are subjective methods not objective methods. But in the current understanding in society, the word "Tantra" refers to very unorthodox or socially unacceptable methods. It is just that certain aspects are used in a certain way. It is not any different from vedic yagyas. It is a limb of ancient astrology called Tantra Puja.

Benefits Of Shree Tantra Yagya

The Shree Tantra Yagya (Puja) is an opportunity to solve any type of marriage & relationship problems that created by misunderstandings. Tantra Yagya is an powerful Pooja process that will help you to create a prosperous love life.

Solve your daily disputes and Increases understandings.

Will helps you to get your love back by removing negative thoughts from mind & heart.

Protects your marriage from divorce and breakup.

What People Say About Shree Tantra Yagya Puja

When i returned home from the ashram, i felt a clear difference in my relationship with parthiv, And parthiv call me after 4 month by his side. The sudha shastri's Shree Tantra changed my entire relationship. When i go outside and return home, from the office or elsewhere, there is an evident change, and the body and mind instantly come to ease. We no longer try to understand this logically.

Varsha & Parthiv, Gurugram


  • You must be at least 18 years or older to participate in the Shree Tantra Yagya.

  • You need basic details of you like Your Full Name, Your Date Of Birth, Your Birth City & Birth Time and Your One Photo and same details of your partner/husband/boyfriend.

  • Your relationship must be at least a month older.

  • You will need to do some kirya during the Puja suggested by Sudha Shastri.


​See Sudha Shastri never take fees and all she accepts the Dakṣiṇā and that to whatever you give with love after the Shree Tantra Yagya is done.

But for performing this worship requires some worship materials and you only need to pay for your worship materials ( पूजा सामग्री ) and it depends on person to person that how much you need to pay for your worship materials.

For knowing a specific amount of your puja you should contact Sudha Shastri.

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