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Ashta Rudra Yagya
With Sudha Shastri

Ashta Rudra Yagya, offered by Sudha Shastri is an intimate worship that can remove all the problems and negativity from your relationship With Lord Rudra’s Grace.

Contact 10am - 8pm for Consultation with Sudha Shastri

" The intimate miraculous touch with Ashta Rudra Yagya will change your partner's energy system in such a way that lord Rudra’s Grace will function within your partner, to bringing about a positive transformation in your relationship. "

Astrologer Sudha Shastri's Testimonials

“From quieting turmoil in my relationship to save my marriage from divorce Sudha Shastri's Ashta Rudra Yagya has helps me a lot. and made everything happen for me and still helps me to a joyful and a happy marriage life beyond my imagination…”

-Divyanshi Rathore

Interior Designer, Gurugram India

Astrologer Sudha Shastri's Testimonials

“ I has left my all hope to get back in relationship with my partner and the way Sudha Ma's powerful worship helps me is still an miracle for me. Because of her process Ashta Rudra Yagya all the negativity from my relationship and as well as from my partner's mind is removed...”

-Prachi Patel

Professor, Mumbai India

“Ashta Rudra Yagya ( अष्ट रुद्र यज्ञ ) Worship with Sudha Shastri " offers a rare opportunity to solve all your relationship problems with a personalized Puja from Sudha Shastri.

Rudra’s presence allows you to transform your relationship from sadness to a unbreakable and a loving relationship, allowing you to live every moment of your relationship in the protective and nurturing embrace of Rudra.

How Can Rudra’s Presence Enrich You


  • You must be at least 18 years or older to participate in the Ashta Rudra Yagya.

  • You need basic details of you like Your Full Name, Your Date Of Birth, Your Birth City & Birth Time and Your One Photo and same details of your partner/husband/boyfriend.

  • Your relationship must be at least a month older.

  • You will need to do some kirya during the Puja suggested by Sudha Shastri.


​See Sudha Shastri never take fees and all she accepts the Dakṣiṇā and that to whatever you give with love after the Ashta Rudra Yagya is done.

But for performing this worship requires some worship materials and you only need to pay for your worship materials ( पूजा सामग्री ) and it depends on person to person that how much you need to pay for your worship materials.

For knowing a specific amount of your puja you should contact Sudha Shastri.

Stay Tuned to Sudha Shastri

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