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Terms And Conditions

Sudha Shastri is one of the most authentic astrologer destinations for who are seeking astrological assistance, but also for people who are facing relationship issues. Her aim is to use divine science of Astrology to solve relationship related problems of the needy peoples.

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Nature And Applicability of The Terms

  1. Terms shall include the present Service Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, and both together shall constitute a legal Terms (“Terms”) between You and Sudha Shastri.

  2. Sudha Shastri reserves its rights to update, change, modify, add or remove the present Terms which shall be duly communicated to you, via Email/or/Website Notification/Application/Other Messaging Services. Your continued use of the Website shall signify your acceptance to the changed terms and conditions.

  3. The present terms along with any changes brought in the present service terms and conditions duly communicated to you in any form shall be binding on both of parties.

  4. After starting any process or ( Puja ) with sudha shastri, the below terms shall follow: -

  5. You are required to send a recent picture for starting an worship from Sudha Shastri. You are prohibited to send the same pictures to any other astrologer or healer or at any other website over the internet until your process is completed by Sudha Shastri. Violation of this clause will attract de-activation of your running worship or any type of process without any warning issued.

  6. Sudha Shastri can not share the information to any other astrologer, healer or at any other website over the internet that you provide to Sudha Shastri for starting your process or puja without your consent.

  7. You are prohibited to publicise your work or puja related information while an running process or worship with sudha shastri without taking permission from Sudha Shastri.

  8. You declare and affirm that any information provided by You to Sudha Shastri is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. No information provided by you is against law and illegal. It is agreed between the parties that if any information provided by you is found to be untrue or wrong, then sudha shastri isnot responsible to giving you the results after your worship.

  9. By starting any process or puja from Sudha Shastri, You agree that you shall not work/deliver your worship related information on any competitor platform imparting similar services over the internet. You are also prohibited to use a disguised or alias name while an running process or worship to consulting with any astrologer (similar to the service being delivered at on any competitor platform over the internet.

Information Sharing:

  1. You need to send some basic information belonging to yourself such as information is inclusive of your birth date & time, birth place and one your and your partners photo with your consent.

  2. Sudha Shastri shall not mis-use of any information or sharing indirectly any personal information of the customer.

Time commitment:

  1. The time that Sudha Shastri has told you that the result will come in that time, if you do not get any result in that time, then Sudha Shastri will have to explain why you did not get the results in your worship on a phone call or in message.

  2. If you have shown your horoscope or kundali report to Sudha Shastri, then Sudha Shastri will have to explain your kundali report to you in the next 24 hours via chat or call.

  3. See, astrology is like a science, but it can never be 100% correct, so it is not necessary that the time Sudha Shastri has told you that you will get the result at this time, then you will get the result at the same time. It depends on person to person when it comes to getting results of any worship done by Sudha shastri, Sometimes you can get the results before completing the process or worship and sometimes it takes more then 15 days to work in its totally depends on the positions of planets in your birth chart.

Pure Astrology Services:

  1. Sudha Shastri does not promote or encourage any superstition like Tantra, Black Magic, Totke, Vashikaran etc. Sudha Shastri shall provide simpler remedies to the customer seeking advice or solutions. Any advice will not relatable to any loss or danger of life be it animal or human being.

  2. You agree to respect to Sudha Shastri and her team while consulting her and getting done an process or worship from Sudha Shastri. You are prohibited to defame Astrologer Sudha Shastri inclusive of usage of terminology like less capable, inefficient, less knowledgeable, etc. Such conduct shall be considered a grave violation of the present. And you can be blocked by sudha shastri's social media team and your worships will stops from sudha shastri.

Honest Price Commitment:

  1. Sudha Shastri shall maintain services at the fair price guaranteed by her to its clients.

  2. You agree not to start any process, worships or astrology consultation any other astrologer imparting similar services as Sudha Shastri on similar price or any price lower than the price at Sudha Shastri.

  3. Any violation of this clause will be considered as an offence and your worships or process shall be stoped and your deposit amount of your worship will never refund.


Sudha Shastri shall not do any predictions on sensitive issues which may lead to un-informed choice being made by the customer. Sudha Shastri refrain from advising any customer on the following list which is not exhaustive and shall include other situations leading to any offence being committed by the customer relatable to the advice provided by you:-

  • Predicting gender of the unborn child.

  • Providing date / time for medical issues such as operation for successful completion.

  • Prediction with regard to any criminal offence being planned by the customer.

  • Prediction with regard to achieving success through illegal means.

  • Predictions relating to gambling, money - laundering, drug abuse etc.

  • Predicting with regard to ensuing death for any reason whatsoever inclusive of accidental, medical, etc.

  • Sudha Shastri declare that if the customer is not satisfied with the Services provided by her inclusive of wrong predictions being made or the service could not be rendered due to internet issue or other reasons, She shall refund the amount voluntarily to the account of the customer.

  • It is agreed between the parties that all the Chat conversation and the call consultations made by You with the customer/user of the Website shall be duly recorded for quality purposes. Sudha Shastri reserves right to monitor such conversations and consultations for monitoring purpose with prior approval from You.

  • Sudha Shastri declare that while answering reports she will not copy/paste data from another app, you will type all answers by yourself after deeply analyzing the customers problems and his charts.

Refund And The Pricing:

  1. You don't need to pay the charges for consultation and talkting to sudha shastri about your problems. Sudha Shastri provides free consultancy that every person who need an astrological advice can talk to astrologer and can being guided to right path.

  2. Sudha Shastri shall not ask the customer to deposit any amount in her personal account for the worships rendered through Sudha Shastri.

  3. Sudha Shastri agreed that if any complaint is being received from any user/customer seeking refund of the amount paid as the fees of sudha shastri, the complaint shall be subject to review from the Administrator/Compliance Team. If the complaint is found genuine, the refund shall be processed accordingly either in full or partial without seeking your approval. It is agreed between the parties that the decision taken by Sudha Shastri shall be final with regard to any refund. Once refund is made, the same shall be from both the parties to this Terms i.e. You and Sudha Shastri.

  4. For the foreign clients taking consultation through the website, any amount paid on the payment gateway will also subject to refund if any complaint is raised for refund of the amount paid. It is agreed between the parties that if any refund if processed for any foreign user, the same shall be refunded from you as well.

  5. If you pay something for your worship material and the worship material has been used in the worship or process then in this case clients (You) can't request refund for used worship metrials. Not from worship metrials shop (shopkeeper) or neither Sudha shastri.

  6. Notwithstanding anything contained in the above clauses, refund can be initiated only for the service rendered in the past 3 months from the date of the request of refund being made by the user/customer.

Governing Laws:

  1. This Terms, and, any disputes arising out of the present Terms shall be governed by the laws applicable to the National Capital Region at Gurugram.

  2. The Courts situated at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and decide any dispute arising between the parties under this Terms.

Dispute Resolution:

  1. Any dispute arising out of this Terms and the Website, shall be settled by resorting to alternate modes of dispute resolution at first instance inclusive of Arbitration, Mediation and Concilliation.

  2. The Award passed by the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.

Severability Clause:

  1. The Parties agree that if any of the provisions of this Terms shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the other remaining provisions of this Terms shall remain in full force and effect

  2. On such clause being declared or determined as unlawful or un-enforceable, the same shall stand removed from this Terms while the other Clauses shall have no adverse effect in the case of such clause being declared as unlawful or un-enforceable.

Confidentiality And Non-disclosure

  1. You agree that you shall hold the confidential information in the strictest of confidence and to protect the Confidential Information from disclosure to any third party. The confidential information can be used only for the use of the Website under this Terms and shall not use any part of it, for its own purposes or the purposes of any other party.

Confidentiality And Non-disclosure

  1. You agree that you shall hold the confidential information in the strictest of confidence and to protect the Confidential Information from disclosure to any third party. The confidential information can be used only for the use of the Website under this Terms and shall not use any part of it, for its own purposes or the purposes of any other party.

Modification of Terms:

  1. Sudha Shastri reserves the right to change or modify, from time to time, any provision related to the Service(s) or these Terms, including ,but not limited to penalty clauses under the sections - "Obligations and Performance" , "Usage of Features","Refunds and Cancellation" etc, at its sole discretion. Any such change(s) shall be effective immediately upon the posting of revised Terms and may or may not be separately notified via email. You can determine when these Terms were last revised by referring to ‘LAST UPDATED’ at the top of these Terms. By signing onto the application by agreeing to the "Terms and Conditions" anytime after the "LAST UPDATED" date, you shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms herein including the amended Terms published from time to time. Your continued use of the Platform following the posting of changes mean that you accept and agree to the changes. If you do not agree with any such change, your sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate your use of the Application. We encourage you to refer to the "Terms and Conditions" every time you login into the application. It is, further, clarified that your use and access of the Application/Service(s) is subject to the most recent version of these Terms made available on the Application at the time of such use.

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