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Shree Yagya by Sudha Shastri saved my marriage when it was on the verge of divorce

Vanika Mehra

Hello, i am Vanika, from mumbai india. I want to share with you my heartwarming review of how Shree Yagya by Sudha Shastri saved my marriage when it was on the verge of divorce. i contacted with Sudha Shastri few weeks ago, seeking help for my troubled marriage. I told her that me and my husband had been married for 10 years, but we had grown apart due to various reasons. We had constant arguments, misunderstandings and mistrust. We had lost the love and respect for each other. We had decided to end their marriage and file for divorce.

I was devastated and hopeless. I had no idea how i save my marriage and restore the harmony in our relationship. i had tried everything, from counseling to mediation, but nothing worked. I was desperate for a solution. I came across to sudha mam's website and learned about Shree Yagya puja. And i decided to give it a try and contacted to Sudha Mam.

She explained me the process and the benefits of Shree Yagya worship. She told me that it is a special worship for solving my relationship problems based on ancient Indian vedic astrology. It is a customized and advanced divine process that purifies the five elements within the human system and stabilizes the relationship with the partner. It requires some basic details of the person and the partner, such as name, date of birth, birth city, birth time and photo. It also requires some worship materials and some kirya (action) during the puja suggested by her. Shree Yagya can be attended in-person or online. She did'nt take any fees for my worship.

i agreed to do the Shree Yagya worship with Sudha mam. i sent her my details and the details of my husband. We scheduled the date and time for the Shree Yagya worship. I chose to do it online, as i was living in a different city.

On the day of the Shree Yagya worship, we connected through a video call. She guided me through the steps of the worship. I followed her instructions carefully and sincerely. She chanted the mantras, offered the flowers, lit the lamps, poured the water and performed the other rituals. She prayed to the divine forces to bless my marriage and heal her relationship. And i felt a surge of positive energy and peace in my heart.

The next day, I called Sudha mam again. But this time i am very happy and excited because something miraculous had happened. My husband had called me and apologized for his mistakes. He had expressed his love and affection for me. He had asked me to give him another chance and to cancel the divorce. He had promised to work on their issues and to make their marriage better. He had invited me for a romantic dinner. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. I couldn't believe that my husband had changed so much in just 7-8 days. I thanked Sudha mam again and again for saving my marriage and bringing back the love in my life.

it was the best decision of my life to do the Shree Yagya puja with Sudha mam. it was a powerful and effective way to solve relationship problems. it had transformed my marriage and my husband. I am very grateful to Sudha Shastri and to the divine forces. I would recommend Shree Yagya worship to anyone who is facing relationship problems. i would always be Sudha mam's loyal follower and supporter.

I wish sudha mam also will be very happy and proud to hear my words. She had fulfilled her purpose and my duty as an astrologer, and guru ma. She made a positive difference in my life. I felt that I can spread the light of Shree Yagya worship to the world by review thats why i sharing my review at sudha mam's website.

This is the review of me and my husband. This is the review of how Shree Yagya worship saved our marriage. This is the review of how Shree Yagya worship can save your marriage too.

If you are facing any relationship problems, whether it is with your spouse, your partner, your family, your friends or anyone else, don't lose hope. Don't give up. Don't think that it is the end. There is always a way out. There is always a solution. There is always Shree Yagya worship.

Shree Yagya worship is the ultimate worship for solving relationship problems. It is the worship that can bring back the love, the harmony, the trust and the happiness in your relationship. It is the worship that can make your relationship stronger, better and more beautiful. It is the worship that can make your life more fulfilling and joyful.

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Posted On:

Thursday, 7 December, 2023

Posted By:

Vanika Mehra

A Sketch Artist



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