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It starts with late replies by Ridhima Das

Ridhima Das

it starts with late replies, then ignored messages. the distance becomes greater & the talking becomes less frequent with my partner. every time my phone lights up i hope it's him or at least, I wish it was He. if not checking up on me, just saying anything at all. because yesterday i asked him how he is, & day before yesterday i asked him how he is, & the day before that too. & how much more can i do right? how long will the conversation be one sided?

so i start to care less about what do do but fragments of them linger in your head. "what did i do so wrong?" i didn't. there's nothing wrong with me at all. he change, when his need changes. but remember the times when he is nice to you & were there for you instead of the bitter memories. it's hard to accept for me that the person who made me feel special at a time now he is now he don't want to be with me. And this thing was bothering me from inside and then i found Astrologer Sudha Shastri on instagram she comes in my life as hope that everything can be all right. She helps guide me with her amazing astrology skills and suggest me to participant in a process called "Shree Yagya"

7 days of her worship "Shree Yagya" and divine rituals miraculously healed my broken bond with my partner. On the fourth day, I got a message from him and I can't explain how much hope that message brings that everything can be as good as it was before the breakup. And things started getting better between us, he started talking to me again, he realized his mistakes and fell in love with me again and then after 7 days when I met him it was like it was the first time When we were meeting, it seemed so new and fresh. I can never repay Sudha ma'am in my entire life for what she did for me. she treated me like her daughter. Since my mother passed away when I was 12 years old and now I can say that I have my mother again.

Since relationships are so secretive in nature these days, you really can't tell if your partner is truly loyal. But luckily astrologer like sudha shastri can helps you to bring your love in your life.

So if you are facing relationship problem then you should talk to Sudha Shastri before it gets too late.

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Posted On:

Saturday, 25 November, 2023

Posted By:

Ridhima Das

Banker, Vapi, Gujarat



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