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I was thinking its time to let him go

Nivedhithaa Khera

But it's very hard to do because a part of me will love him for the rest of my life. I talk to his family or friends about some random things and old times to make him realize that he means a lot to me. But he developed a kind of negativity in his mind towards me and I really couldn't figure out how to deal with it.

despite my all efforts, our relationship end and with this, my hope that our relationship could be restored to what it was before was also shattered. And when one of my friends told me about Sudha Shastri, somewhere in my heart a small hope rekindled that I could get my love back.

I talked to her about my relationship and explained all the problems and the very first time when i spoke to her, I don't know why, I felt a divinity in her voice and word. She performed a process to remove negativity about me from my partner's mind she tell me to follow some things.

And after her process in the 6th day i get a call from him he said that he want to meet me and want to talk about our relationship. i meet him and when i meet him we talked about our past fights, arguments and he said sorry and he said that he wants to restart the relationship from the beginning.

and with the time our relationship is completely healed and now i think that is this the same person who at a time even don't want to talk to me is giving me love, time and respect. All thanks to Astrologer Sudha Shastri who standing with me in the worst phase of my life. Because of her today i have my relationship with full of joy and love.

I am still wondering that by doing a divine Vedic process or following some rituals I fix my relationship.

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Posted On:

Tuesday, 28 November, 2023

Posted By:

Nivedhithaa Khera

Fashion designer, Amritsar, Punjab



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