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Spiritual Significance Of Solar Eclipse By Sudha Shastri

What the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Mean for You

spiritual significance by sudha shastri

Article | Oct 25, 2022

By Sudha Shastri

It's time to trust the process of becoming...

even when that means unbecoming the person you once were.

On the Scorpio new Moon, we are greeted with a partial solar eclipse. The Scorpio solar eclipse will begin on October 25 at 1:58 a.m. Pacific time and will reach its maximum peak at 4 a.m. Pacific time, just shy of the New Moon exact at 3:48 a.m. This solar eclipse is the most powerful new Moon of 2022. While much of the world will not be able to view this beautiful event, we all will feel the vibrations of this eclipse and can harness them to create powerful change in our lives.

What the new Moon solar eclipse means

Acording to sudha shastri A solar eclipse is a super-charged new Moon. It carries all of the energy and potential of a new Moon while allowing us to step away from frequencies that inhibit the manifestation of our highest intentions.


In many ways, a solar eclipse takes on the energy of a full Moon. It allows us to release habits, behaviors, and emotions that prevent us from manifesting our intentions. The gift of a solar eclipse is that it allows for this release while simultaneously calling in the energy we need to replace what we are shifting.


Over a solar eclipse, the veil between the conscious and subconscious mind is very thin. This is an opportunity to explore your shadows, your fears, and your deepest desires. We often don’t know what we really want from life. We may have an idea, but then our subconscious redirects us through direct or indirect measures. Our shadows can also arise and sabotage us when we least expect them, stopping all the work we’ve done to manifest our visions.

How Scorpio influences the new Moon solar eclipse

New Moons are all about new beginnings. Solar eclipses bring us an even greater opportunity for a fresh start. All of this sounds inspiring, and it is—but there’s a twist.


Scorpio is an intense sign. It brings emotional upheavals and shocking revelations. It burns old patterns to the ground and paves the way for new energies through its destruction. Scorpio does not bring change through gentle measures. It does, though, bring change that is needed for our ultimate growth and spiritual evolution. The process may not be easy, but it’s necessary.

This solar eclipse has the potential to change our entire world and rock the foundation of everything we’ve built. It’s important to remember that anything that occurs is for your highest good, even if it feels uncomfortable or downright unbearable in the moment. Its effects will be felt for up to six months after its occurrence. The things you learn about yourself and the people around you will unfold over time, and it may take you until Scorpio full Moon in May 2023 to process what you learn today.

The revelations and knowledge this eclipse brings can feel overwhelming. Resist the urge to escape any uncomfortable feelings and instead confront them. Remember that Scorpio teaches us to have courage when facing our emotions. It is only through honest confrontation that we can shift energy that holds us back into something that moves us forward.

The Scorpio new Moon solar eclipse is a time to go within and face these energies. As you sit with this intense energy, envision the life you want to live, then notice what feelings arise. Are you excited? Do you doubt yourself? Do you not believe it’s possible to manifest your visions, or do want something different—something you’re not willing to admit yet?

This is a Moon to work with your fears around your visions. We often fear failure, but many times we also fear success. We can fear the road to reach our visions, thinking we are not strong enough to walk it. Scorpio teaches us to confront our fears and always remember that we are stronger than them. Our fears can become patterns of behavior that prevent us from taking steps or doing what we need to do to change our lives.

Much of what we fear is the unknown. We don’t know how it will feel to live the life of our dreams. We don’t know who we will be if we achieve our dreams. We don’t know what obstacles we will face, and we don’t know who will lose, or gain, along the way. We can’t predict the future, and the truth is we will never know the outcome of any of our plans. We can surrender, though, to ourselves and our path. We can surrender to the highest plans the Universe has for us and know that we have the strength to thrive in the strongest storms.

As you face your fears, you may even find your deepest desires. They are often interlinked in the subconscious. We fear what we want the most. We fear not getting it, and, surprisingly, we can also fear obtaining it. Align with the revealing nature of Scorpio and ask yourself what you really want. Be open to the answer. If you need to, dig deep to find it. Go past your fears, your self-doubts, and even your shame. Often we don’t feel good enough or we feel we will be viewed poorly if we actually ask for and get what we want. Be keenly aware of any emotions that come up over this eclipse around your desires and owning them. What are you afraid of happening if you manifest the life you really want?


During all of your self-explorations this New Moon, listen to your intuition. It will be that little voice that has lightning-fast answers. Some of these answers will show up as physical sensations or even flashes of light. Scorpio heightens our intuition, almost to the point of it becoming demanding. Surrender to it and trust it. Your intuition is connected to the knowledge of the Universe. It knows more than your conscious mind and brings you great insights on this new Moon.

Other astrological influences according to sudha shastri

We have a few aspects this solar eclipse that affect the energy of the day. The solar eclipse is conjunct, or next to, Venus in Scorpio. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. In Scorpio, she takes on an elevated feminine energy and helps us own our divine feminine power. She also helps us focus on how we love and how we can incorporate more of what we love into our lives. Expect some issues around femininity to arise during this time. How do you own your feminine power? Furthermore, how can you help break patterns that oppress feminine power through your intentions and visions?

We unfortunately live in a society that does not fully honor the divine feminine. Instead, it seeks to control it and even creates models of care that suppress it. Scorpio is all about destruction for the sake of rebuilding better. This solar eclipse brings the opportunity to break through old, outdated patterns that suppress the divine feminine. You can contribute to this paradigm shift by reflecting on what feminine energy means to you. No matter your gender, you still hold feminine energy, and it is powerful. How do you use it? How do you let it be suppressed by a society that fears it? How can you help rewrite the story around femininity and own your power? Lean into your intuition to help you answer these questions.

Allow yourself to feel your femininity on this solar eclipse and honor your power to receive the vibration you need. Also, honor your power to help shift the collective toward a new vibration that is more healing, receptive, and collaborative. All of these energies are related to the feminine, and all are heightened on this solar eclipse. Feel the Universe bringing us an opportunity to birth a new paradigm—one that will reshape the future of society.

In addition to intense Venus energy this solar eclipse, Saturn in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus. Squares can cause conflict and energetic breakthroughs. When these two planets square off, we see many systems crashing down and even coming to a complete stop. This square is tense and adds to the already electrifying energy of the eclipse. It does bring the opportunity for a system overhaul. This energy can apply to anything, from government systems to natural disasters and even social upheaval. It has the ability to wake us up with shocking realities.

It’s important to remember that we are still undergoing an extreme awakening in society right now. We are witnessing things that upset us, and that’s the point. It’s a challenging time for the world, but it’s important to trust that it’s all for a better future.

Your invitation In Solar Eclipse

It is always beneficial to write intentions on a new Moon. It is even more potent to create them on a solar eclipse. The eclipse gives us a four-hour window when the energy of the new Moon eclipse will be most powerful. If possible, write your intentions during the four-hour window or twenty-four hours after the maximum peak.

While many of us will be sleeping through this eclipse portal, pay close attention to your dreams this night. Keep a journal by your bed. As soon as you wake, write your dreams and look for messages within them. If you happen to be awake during the maximum eclipse, write your intentions at this time, or at least spend a few moments in meditation. You may be surprised at the information available to you then. Use that energy later in the day when performing your new Moon rituals.

Be open to information coming to you from the Universe. Pay attention to signs and signals that occur, especially within the solar eclipse portal. Pay attention to insights and inspirational hits, knowing that your intuition is speaking to you at this time with the utmost confidence.

It’s important that you feel clear and focused when asking for energies from the Universe. When you feel calm and clear in yourself, write your intentions. See the possibility of your life, and see the cycles you may have to go through to reach it. Trust your intuition to guide you, and when any fears come up, transform them into something else. Your fears are no match for you. And once you stop trying to control them, you can ride them to meet the next great versions of yourself.

It’s also important that you know what you want both consciously and subconsciously. If you feel scattered, overwhelmed, or ungrounded emotionally this eclipse, put off writing intentions until you feel clear in your visions. Instead, focus on understanding what you truly desire and any subconscious patterns that prevent you from manifesting your dreams in reality.

As you work with your intentions this New Moon, take time to feel your fears about them. Scorpio is the sign of transformation. It can help you transmute any energy into something else. As you learn about your fears, transform them into surrender and trust. Trust your life path, trust yourself, and trust your intuition. Know that your fears are no match for your energy

Due to the intense nature of this eclipse, give attention to the energy available to you. Ask it what it wants to tell you, and follow its lead. Stay grounded in your body through breath work and movement so that you can more deeply connect with this energy without feeling lost or confused. Know that an eclipse is a powerful day and can often feel overwhelming to our senses. Be prepared with practices that connect you with your energy and allow you to pay full attention to the present moment.

Feel your strength this new Moon. Even if it feels like your whole world is tumbling down, trust that you will find a path forward. You will survive, and you will thrive. As you ride the waves of this solar eclipse, see your life as an ongoing cycle of birth, destruction, and rebirth. Know that not everything lasts forever, and everything passes with time. That’s the beauty and pain of life. It’s your job to enjoy each moment and understand that when you are fully present, nothing else matters. There will be cycles, though, and you can walk through them all with strength, conviction, and trust. Things will begin again, they will end, and you will be stronger each day having lived them.

"Trust the process of becoming you even if means you have to unbecome the person you once were."

About our contributor

Sudha Shastri is the founder of Isvaari Foundation and an Indian Astrologer, She shared her wisdom on lifestyle, astrology to devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also She also provides astrological services like relationship problems solution, marriage problems solution and many more. You can consult her and visit sudha shastri's instagram Id @thesudhashastri

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